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I am the Founder of Salty, a membership supported digital community that passes the mic directly to women, trans and nonbinary people to tell their own stories in their own voices and share their authentic lived experiences via our independent digital distribution network of 200,000 users. There is not one singular Salty voice, instead, Salty is a collection of many different perspectives and identities. 

Core to Salty's mission is highlighting issues of algorithmic bias against marginalized communities online. Beyond leading Salty's editorial team, I spearhead groundbreaking academic research with Salty's Algorithmic Bias Research Collective, now in collaboration with with University of Michigan. I've acted as a consultant towards determining the regulations for European Commission’s Digital Services Act, and partnered with Harvard Law School‘s Cyberlaw Clinic to create The Online Identity Help Center. 

Salty has been identified by the United States Library of Congress as a digital artifact of historical significance to be preserved in the digital archives. 


I love camping, gardening and the ocean. You can reach me via email here.

Oh - I'm available for freelance engagements: see my other work here.

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